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Fitness Habits to Establish in Your 20s


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A Fine Balance


Ken Endelman has always been fascinated with making things work better, qualities that led him to build Balanced Body® into one of the world’s biggest Pilates education and equipment companies. by Anne Marie O’Connor Pilates Style: Where did you grow up?  Ken Endelman: I grew up in Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley. I […]

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Pinpoint Pilates


Small tweaks to your position can target weak or tight muscles, says industry leader Brooke Siler. Her tips and tricks in this Reformer workout will make all the difference in yours—and sculpt killer abs, thighs and glutes while you’re at it. by Brooke Siler One of the wonderful things about Pilates is that, when done […]

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Ask the Experts


expert motivation • the skinny on protein bars • vinegar for weight loss • the real deal on reps in Pilates by Rael Isacowitz and Leslie Dantchik, MS Q. In Pilates, why do we generally do fewer reps than in some other forms of fitness training? A. Joseph Pilates spoke quite clearly on the topic of doing fewer […]

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Mind Over Multitasking


A mindfulness practice can alleviate anxiety, improve your health, boost your brain power and even help you lose weight. by Anne Marie O’Connor Before she underwent mindfulness training, Jan Taylor would stress out whenever she got caught in a traffic jam. Now if she’s stuck on the highway, she refuses to worry or lose her […]

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Amazing Arms


Get ready for sleeveless season—and rid of those bat wings—with these boredom-busting moves on the Reformer that work double duty to sculpt a smokin’ upper body.   by Laura Tarbell  Think you can’t take something old and make it new again? STOTT PILATES®–certified Pilates instructor and Fitness Universe Canadian Model National Champion Laura Tarbell begs […]

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Walk This Way


Fine-tune your gait—and your practice—with The Next Pilates Anytime Instructor 2013 Christi Idavoy’s footwork bonanza, which deeply explores the relationship between the core and feet. Workout by Christi Idavoy Edited by Amanda Altman I often think about walking as the upper body “dancing” on the pelvis and extending through the feet. Our walking patterns speak […]

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