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Category: Exercises

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Spirals Are the New Straight


Hold the line! Turns out that twisting is the secret to releasing areas of tension, increasing mobility and feeling great. by Rebekah Rotstein My interest in spirals stems from my first cadaver dissection nearly a decade ago, when I was shocked to discover the nonlinear nature of every structure in the body. From the femur […]

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Moves of the Month: For Diving and Snorkeling


By Arlene Salomon • Photos by Strong propulsion in the water originates from a strong and stable trunk. Pilates is perfectly suited for snorkelers and divers, as it helps initiate the movement of the limbs from a strong center, while improving the quality and efficiency of the breath, coordination and overall function in water. […]

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A Practice in Focus


Learn to power off your thoughts to power up your Pilates regimen. You’ll leave the session feeling calm, connected and more energized than ever. By Laura Browning Grant Edited by Amanda Altman Do you ever feel constantly on the go, mentally scattered, or overwhelmed and stressed? As a type-A personality, I feel this way every […]

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A Tall Order


Better posture means less back pain, more energy and that long, lean look that Pilates is famous for. Take a stand—or a seat—once and for all with these mat moves. Mom will be proud! Workout by Brandon Gamble • Edited by Amanda Altman In today’s society, we often find ourselves doing way too much in […]

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Sealed with a Pilates Kiss


As Pilates students and instructors, we often get wrapped up in advancing in our routines, or wanting to learn new “tricks.” Sure, there are plenty of challenging exercises, but, as one of my mentors and teachers, Bob Liekens, once told me, “You can get an advanced workout from the beginner system.” At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what he meant. But now, numerous years, thousands of workouts and hundreds of clients later, I finally get it! And now I get what another one of my mentors, Romana Kryzanowska, would say when Pilates instructors would rave to her about their clients’ ability to perform advanced choreography: “Yes, but can they do the basics?”

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BONUS: Back Support from Brandon Gamble

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.28.42 PM

Tips from Brandon Gamble, featured in the May/June 2015 issue of Pilates Style magazine!

Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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The Triumphant Teaser


Those of us who have practiced Pilates for many years know that to execute a beautifully controlled, elevated Teaser, is quite an achievement. Years ago, when I was a young apprentice and professional ballet dancer at Drago’s Gym in NYC, I used to watch the more seasoned apprentices attempting the exercise in Romana Kryzanowska’s mat classes. Of course, it comes at the end, after your powerhouse is already on fire, so it requires remarkable focus, breath and control.

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